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My Resume I wrote that Resume back in 2003 while going through a gruesome process called "Job Hunting" with a CS degree. Now I working at USPTO as a software patent examiner.

      As you will see from my resume, I have been through a lot. Currently,  I am  living a double  life: A student of Political Science and a software engineer with a Master Degree in Computer Science from IU's accredited department of Computer Science.  It' because computers are my passion while politics is the most pressing issue for all patriotic Burmese. See My Resume. Here is HTML Version.

CS Department at IU (Bloomington)

I really love all the hardware, software projects and distinguished professors at the department. We even have MIT Ph.D's here teaching us. The department itself is expanding fast with millions of research grants and under the guidance of our chairperson, Dr. Dennis Gannon (an amazing man with really high intelligence, excellent teaching and research skills, and, most importantly, with 2 Ph.D.'s - one in Physics and the other Computer Science).

I was proud of my department. Here, professors are graduates from Ivy Leagues or equivalent institutions. If I have to compare this department to that of   NIU, I will say that this department is like a B-2 bomber while   NIU's computer science department is like a WW-2   B-29. 

NIU computer science department is still stuck with COBOL and IBM mainframes while our department here is at breast with or even ahead of  current technology. We have , pervasive computing research lab, extreme computing research lab, the CAVE (3-D Virtual Graphic lab) which takes you into a virtual world with fishes and other sea creatures floating around you, Open Systems Lab , Hardware Methods Lab,  and Advanced Network Management Lab which is developing a really fast TCP/IP called "Tsunami Protocol."  Make it sure you visit one of those labs if you come to Bloomington, Indiana.


Contact Me Phone: (703) 975-7512 : Please always leave a message on voice mail  if you call to my cell phone. I won't answer unrecognized numbers.
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 CS Projects       Please see my Resume for my software projects. Eventually, I will add an section on my computer science stuffs. I am most interested in Network Security issues and business applications development. Every semester at IU's computer science department, I am an AI for the most dreaded language of all, Assembly language AKA Machine language for Dr. Mills and Dr. Purdom's "Computer Architecture class." In the future, I will also go into Graphics and Artificial Intelligence.

     Well, at IU, Scheme is a pet-language. I also learned Java, C++, C, MatLab and the like. Now, I am switching to C# and .NET because you never know which language is going to dominate in the future. Look at what happened to Netscape? .Net platform is quite ambitious and making impressive headways. Of course, my love affair with Linux will be forever though I was incensed by Red Hat's announcement that the company is not supporting personal version of RH Linux anymore. So, I am switching to SUSE. Even though I was extremely impressed by Solaris, it is a proprietary platform, both hardware and software, which makes me unaffordable to own a Solaris machine. Also, I am enthusiastically waiting for the release of "LongHorn." In the future, I believe computer languages, OS platforms and hardware would become seamless while network security is going to become an increasingly important issue. It is because access to wide bandwidth becomes increasingly affordable nowadays.

Political Science       Folks, as father of our national independence, Generalissimo Aung San, said "Politics is the responsibility of everyone." This is even more true under the current political circumstances in Burma. I am still studying political science not because it is my passion but because it is a patriotic duty. Pretty soon, I will be finishing up my dissertation and will become a newly-minted Ph.D. guy in political science also. It's that paradoxical that I am both a computer scientist and political scientist - the two fields are on the opposite extremes of a continuum. Political Science is an extremely soft science. It is so soft to the point that I don't even believe it is a science while computer science is undeniably a real science.
Political Science Research       Here are some selected papers that I researched and wrote while doing my graduate studies in political science. They are in *.pdf format and, if you wish, you can download and read them. However, please do not plagiarize my papers.
(1) "A Comparative Study of Causes of Military Interventions in Latin America during 1960-70's" . This paper won me a $300's prize at ISU. Wasn't that wonderful for a poor student at the time?

(2) Here is my analysis of Thailand's financial crisis of 1997. It brought me an A+. Please notice that at the time of writing this paper, the financial crisis was still winding down and there was no analysis published on this issue yet. "Thailand's Recent Financial Crisis".

(3) Here is my somewhat polemical analysis on ASEAN's decision to incorporate SLORC as its member. To me, ASEAN is an regional grouping based on self-interest, elite-domination, and dog-eat-dog practices. Read my analysis: " ASEAN-Burma Relations: Rationales and Incentives" .

(4) Want to read institutional-design analysis? Bicameral, multi-party systems, different electoral systems, different method of vote-counting and making a decision who wins ? Read this electoral analysis on Italian electoral and party system. Yes, you saw it right. It was an analysis on Italian system which is the most unstable of all western democracies. I chose this topic because other grad students picked easy ones like British party/electoral system and, as I always welcome challenges, I picked the Italian system. Dr. Schmidt warned me that it would be hard to deal with this system. But, in the end, I made it. It was a nice analysis and earned me an A+ and verbal recognition from Dr. Dwight King, another comparativist at the department. Here it is: "Electoral Profile: Italy"

(5) Well, current Thai policy toward Burma by PM Taksin deserves in-depth analysis. But, this policy is nothing new. It's a continuation of Thailand's foreign policy toward Burma which was formulated in the early 1990's. Read my paper on Thailand-SLORC Relations which I wrote several years ago: "Thailand's Relation with Burma: Constructive Engagement or Attempt at Economic Imperialism"

(6) Here is the analysis on the evolution of the U.S. economic sanctions against that thuggish regime in Burma called "Tatmadaw/SLORC/SPDC". I looked at role of the Congress and White House in reaching foreign policy decisions. Here it is: "Economic Sanctions Against Burma: Human Rights Issue and Congressional Initiative"
Master's Thesis      I wrote my master's thesis on Taiwan's Democratic Transition applying Modernization Theory. This week (November 29, 2003), I saw an exciting news on CNN that Taiwanese people are gearing up for an independent state. What a courageous people!! My sincere congratulations to Taiwanese people.
    As suggested by my officemate, Mr. Wu Le-Shin, here is the *.pdf version of my master's thesis that I wrote back in 1993: "Taiwan's Democratic Transition". When I wrote this thesis, we were still using DOS 5.0 and I typed all these on WordPerfect DOS 5.0.

PH.D. Dissertation       Back in 1999, I passed all three comprehensives of my doctoral program in Political Science. Particularly, I passed "Comparative Politics" (a nightmare for all doctoral students) with honors. Dr. Greg Schmidt was my mentor for this subject.

      In 2000, I started my dissertation research on comparison between the falls of Indonesia's Parliamentary Democracy back in 1950-60's and Burma's Parliamentary Democracy back in 1960's: here is my dissertation proposal. Everything went fine and I have finished Chapter 1 and half of chapter 2 under the guidance of Dr. Ladd Thomas, a well-known SEA specialist.

      However, in the long run, prospect for obtaining a tenure tracking position with a Ph.D. from NIU is quite bleak. So, in 2001, I decided to enroll in the Master's program in Computer Science at Indiana University. Prior to this, I had already been a computer nerd since 1995 when I did desktop publishing for CRDB (International) and then Los Angeles Jewish Times newspaper in Los Angeles. Folks, in those days, some of us were still using DOS 6.0 and Windows 3.11 was brand new until Windows 95 came in in 1995. There were not more than 4000-6000 web pages in the whole world in those days !! Believe it or not. Even back then, I was doing scripting languages and good, old C programming language.

      So, my doctoral dissertation is now in the air. And, if I have enough in the future, I will resume my pursuit of a doctoral degree, most likely at a university in Europe. For now, I am really happy with this high-paying job at United States Patent and Trademark Office as a Software Patent Examiner.