....Illinois State Universiy was my first school in the U.S. .... I did my master in Political Science there...... I really loved ISU because I had the most fun at this school throughout my academic life...... My best friend was Gi Gi who is now in California. ..........Most of my friends are from Japan (Kansankadai University).. ..... 

Me, the Bingerts and Gi Gi

at Poli Sci Awards Party (1994)


The Bingerts

       My life at ISU was full of kindness, love, and happiness because of my host parents, Mr. Hans Bingert and Mrs. Lois Bingert. I can't even express in words how  wonderful my host parents were. Mr. Bingert and I were like father and son as well as good buddies. My host mother loves cooking for us over the weekends and also took much trouble of driving us to other places for sight-seeing, like the Arch in St. Louis, Pearl City (where the Bingerts still have their family farm) and so on.

    Sadly, my host father, Mr. Bingert, passed away last year when he was over 80 years old. My host mother, Lois Bingert, was at a senior citizens' home in Bloomington, Illinois. Her senses are still sharp but her  memory took some toll because of the age. Of course, GiGi and I were two of their favorite kids.


 Betty Plummer

     All of us in the scholarship group at ISU loved "Betty". She was the Director of International Studies Office at ISU. I always said that I have two mothers at ISU: Lois and Betty. Betty took extra care of us, who, according to her, were just plugged out the tropical jungle in SEA and thrown into the concrete jungle of America.

       She is now happily retiring in Blooming, Illinois, with Dr. Plummer (her husband).


My Friends at ISU   

   Hi there, we had the most fun at ISU. Didn't we? Most of my friends are Asians and out of them, most are from Osaka, Japan. Kansankadai University in Osaka had a student exchange program with ISU at the time. So, my Japanese friends are mostly from Kansaikadai.   

Please follow this link to see the Photo Album.  I really miss Yumiko, Shuji and Chie, and Takashi (my roommate).


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          Accepting the award for Comparative Research Paper Category from Dr. Carlos Parodi.

  (Dr. Parodi is liked by all of us. He is a wonderful guy, who can play Flamingo/Latino Guitar at expert level.)



 Where is ISU?               

           Gee.. You might not even know our ISU because it is not an Ivy-League school.  But I can assure that the school is a pleasant one and ideal for undergraduate studies.

    It is located in Normal, Illinois, at the "heart of Illinois". The town is a mid-size city and has all the American amenities. Much, much better than that boring DeKalb. See the map below.



See the point where those 5  interstate highways meet? 

          That's where Normal, Illinois, is.  Other than ISU, the town hosts the Headquarters of State Farm and the Diamond Star Auto Plant (Mitsubishi). So, all Eclipses and Galants come from Normal.                      


Bookworm at ISU, working hard on the Master Thesis