This page is built for friends who have always asked me where my web page is on the Internet. For several years, I have not tried to design a personal page because I am on and off with HTML and related topics.  I was more into core programming and operating systems . Some friends smiled and questioned me how come I do not have my own web page since I am a computer guy.


     Well, in the first place, I am not a good designer when it comes to esthetics. A designer was both born and trained, which I was not. In addition, I am shy by nature and always abstain from self-advertising. However, I eventually came to accept the view that a personal web page should not be considered so because it could serve as a point of reconnection  among friends or a source of solace when loved ones are separate at immense distances.


    So, there we go!! Friends !! Here comes my page, which is in large part dedicated to the journey of life that I have been through up to this point - a long and tough one full of challenges and hopes, ups and downs, and, happiness and sorrow.




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