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         My English  friend, Andy, and I. Brits are rare species at ISU and Andy was one of them. We got along pretty well and sent cards each other for 3-4 years after we left ISU.
     Here is  our Asian American friend Angel. His parents were from the Philippines. He now lives in a Chicago suburb close to Young and Saori's home.
     This is Benjamin Nguyen. He fixed my great Subaru for free because he is also a mechanic. I was his best man at his wedding when he got married. The wedding was in Peoria, Illinois. Now, Benjamin got three kids - the eldest boy is William - and, every time I visited his family, Willy boy and I used to play together.
     This is one of our Chinese friends at Walker Hall. Unfortunately, I can't recall his name. He always hang around with us on Friday binges.
     This is our great Dan of Illinois. Dan Cox is much, much taller than us Asians. I heard he did more work on Poli Sci stuffs and, now, he might be teaching somewhere in the Mid-West.

      This girls belonged to our group too. But I can't remember her name exactly. Shame on me !!!  Probably it's Emi. If my other Japanese friends from Osaka can tell her name, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"

      Here is our pretty Ms. Emmy. She is American-Japanese and now working as a IT professional. I last saw her at Sao and Young's wedding in Chicago.

      This is just another girl from Japan. Again, I can't recall her name. Too bad !! If my other Japanese friends from Osaka can tell her name, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
       Another friend from Japan. Can somebody remind me of her name? If my other Japanese friends from Osaka can tell her name, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
     A great, funny friend from Japan. If my other Japanese friends from Osaka can tell her name, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
     I also need to recall her name !!! She is now back in Japan. The guy behind her is probably Akira San. Is she Emi?
     Here is our well-respected friend Akira San. He is also back in Japan now. If my other Japanese friends from Osaka can tell where he is now in Japan, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
     Uh Oh.. !! .. Who is this girl..? ..That is my best friend Gi Gi. Everybody in the Midwest misses Gi Gi. She is now in California. She got kids and is a busy mother now. Gi Gi, drop a line for me if you stumble on this page.
Click to open      Hoo Jung again, in Chicago. That was probably in February and you know how cold Chicago is. Notice her ear covers?
    Here is Gi Gi and me from the same pic. Who is that skinny guy in black T-shirt ...? .. He was so skinny at the time. Both of us had to work, like some others, in Walker Hall's kitchen as dish-washers for about $4.75 per hour. Can you believe that? Later, I bought a used Subaru and started delivering pizza. My employer was Pizza Hut. Once in a while, I used to bring Veggie Pizza from Pizza  Hut, which is Gi Gi's favorite.
Click to open     Ms. Hoo Jung again, posing probably somewhere downtown Chicago. Both of us enjoyed visiting Chicago over some weekends, driving my good old Subaru.
Click to open     Me and Hoo Jung in front of Chicago Arts Museum. Guess what?  I have learned how to smile with my mouth shut.Chicago's chilly winds could even freeze your teeth !!!
Click to open      My guitarist friend J.T. JT is a good guitar player and we jammed together over some weekends. I learned from him "Rush's" "YYZ".
Click to open     A smiling Ms. Hoo Jung. She is now back in Korea. Her parents are diplomats.
Click to open      This is our Johnny Walker. He is John Walker from a large island called "Australia." John, we all miss your trumpet-playing. If you stumble upon this page, send me a message and let us know where you are now. My email is : "dennisyemyint@gmail.com".
Click to open     Another great friend of Walker Hall. Li Bo. Bo is a world-class cellist.  Too bad, I don't have Nick Carrey's pic. Nick was the lead violinist of the ISU orchestra. Bo and Nick were head and tail of a dime at ISU.
Click to open     Uh.. Oh.. !! .. Here is sweet Ms. Minori from Osaka. Hey, Minori, drop me a line if you hit this page by chance. My email is: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
Click to open     Saori always wears a smile!! Now she is a mother and her baby girl is so cute. Oh, I forgot.  She and Young got married and I showed up at their wedding as a surprise.
Click to open     Our Jamming JT, again. JT kept a full-stack guitar head and cabinet in his dorm room and played during permitted hours.
Click to open     Uh..   Oh..!!!.. Shuji was getting wild only after half a cup of beer. We all enjoyed Friday evenings every week.
Click to open     Shuji and his sweet heart, Chie. Chie is a pretty  and gracious girl. They were sweet hearts since at Walker. Now, They got got married and runs a kindergarten in Osaka - I heard.
Click to open    Smiling Saori!!
  Chie and Me. I was quite drunk.
Click to open     To the left of Shuji and Chie was me. I was wearing a green-stripped T-shirt at the time.
Click to open     Gee...!  I can't recall her name again. Is that Haruko ? She was the one who tasted a small, hot chilly pepper at my off-campus apartment at my recommendation. She had to cry for two minutes. Poor girl.. !!
Click to open     This is me, in  my bedroom at my apartment at Cardinal Court. That was after I moved out of Walker because I can't stand dorm food anymore.
Click to open     Shuji again from the same pic.
Click to open      Here is Yoichiro. Shuji, me, Yoichiro, and Ayako shared an apartment one  summer at ISU.


Click to open      This is our great friend Young. He got married to Saori and now lives happily in Mt. Prospect, a Chicago Suburb. They got a cute baby girl.
Click to open       Yuko: she is now back in Japan and was working as an air hostess. I have lost contact with her. Her face reminds me of "Shin" whose pic I don't have. If my other Japanese friend from Osaka can tell where she is now in Japan, please update me with her name. My email is always: "dennisyemyint@gmail.com"
Click to open      This is my pretty friend "Yumiko". Out of all Japanese friends, I miss her most. We still keep writing each other.
Click to open      Me again. That's my messy bedroom at ISU.

                                   I will keep on adding pics of my Walker-Hall friends in the future.