This is USPTO where I work. It's located in Alexandria, Virginia and about 15 minutes' drive from my current residence.

     I started out as a trainee in July 2005 and, after a full year of satisfactory performance, I was made permanent in July 2006. Currently, I am at GS-11 level and promotions come in once a year, which means I will be at GS-12 level in coming July 2007.

     The first several months at USPTO were extremely stressful because there are a lot of things to learn and understand. And, production requirement keeps all of us busy all the time. Over time, things got smoother and faster.

     I belong to Art Unit 2162 which examines data structures, data retrieval, file and/or directory creation and maintenance, search engines, and the list goes on. Ours is part of a large entity called 2100 work group.


USPTO Community Day Parade (2006)